Monthly Archives: September 2007

Our journey that lead us to adopting Foxx


The night Mike an I decided to get married we discussed how many kids we wanted, we both said we also wanted to adopt. Its funny to look back an remember the conversation now, we said we would adopt our last child, we also said we would adopt a little girl. And here we are five years later not only in the process of adopting our first child but we are also adopting a little boy. We started trying to get pregnant only a couple of months after we were married, an after 2 years of trying on our own, we went to a dr an went through 2 years of tests an treatments. It was the worst time of my life, a time I am more than ready to put behind me. We are so excited to be moving forward!!!


How we met


When I was 19 I had this friend an she kept saying you have to meet this guy, he is PERFECT for you, he is your TYPE (I didn’t even know I had a type), you will love him. Well I didn’t want a boyfriend, I didn’t want to even meet this guy…. So after like 2 months of trying to get me to meet him she told me well if your not going to even meet him I am going to start talking to him an see where it goes. So she did just that an the night I meet him he came out to be with with her, well she was right he was perfect for me, he was just my type an within a week after meeting him I did love him. I am no longer friends with the girl but I married mike only 3 months after we met. He is still perfect for me, he is just my type, an I love him more an more everyday!!!!

The beginning


As many of you know Mike an I are adopting a baby boy from Vietnam!!! We are so excited, Foxx will be our first child!!! We hope you enjoy reading about our journey to our son. We are in the begining stages we hope to get our son next fall.