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More home study drama


Oh yeah, after the many phone calls to the bank that happened Mike did find out the check we wrote them on October 4Th still has yet to be processed. He informed the lady of this once she realized it wasn’t our check that bounced. Then she proceeded to ask him “Well, what happened to your check?” Um hum I don’t know. So now she is trying to find out where our check even is. She did tell Mike to apologize to me, after he told her I thought she was incredibly rude to me on the phone. This whole thing has me so scared about the way they do business, lets hope they don’t lose my home study!!! I still can’t believe I freaked out so much, I knew the money was in the account, I was just so scared we weren’t going to be able to adopt because we had a bounced check. Stupid I know but like I said I always think the worst case scenario is going to happen. We also decided to have our last home study visit the first week in January. It is far away but its so hard to do it any sooner because of the holidays and I work like crazy around the holidays.


Homestudy Drama


I got a extremely rude phone call today from my home study agency!  This lady calls and is EXTREMELY rude, as she proceeds to tell my I owe her money, my check bounced, she spoke with my husband 2 weeks ago and he said the check was in the mail, how do I not know what she is talking about, how do I not know my financial situation, how could my husband not tell me!!! It was horrid, I hung up the phone in complete shock!!! So I call Mike and by this point I am crying, I am trying to tell him what the lady said. He doesn’t have a clue what I am talking about, he keeps saying that can’t be possible. So he calls her to see what is going on, I guess she was a lot nicer to him, but still said she the same thing she said to me. So mike gets the check number from her and calls the bank to see what is going on. Our bank says we haven’t had any checks bounce, and no checks have even come through that match that number. It took like 3 more calls and Mike driving all the way home to get our check book to make sure the numbers matched, which they didn’t, before the lady looks at the name on who evers check she had and realizes its not our name nor anywhere near our name thats on it. I am still in shock this happened, I was so freaked out I thought for sure they were not going to be allowed to adopt because we don’t have enough money to even pay for the home study,. The lady was so rude to me, I am still in shock she would ever talk to anyone like that let alone a pap. It honestly took over 4 hours before we got this resolved. My stomach still hurts, I am a big time stresser. I always think the absolute worst case scenario is going to happen. So of course in my mind I was going to be spending the rest of my life childless… I know that real extreme but that’s exactly what I thought.  Sorry this post is kind of rambling, its super late, and I can’t sleep!!! I am still upset about this, doesn’t this lady realize how stressfull adopting is without her crazy mix ups!!!


The lady made me more up set that when I realized ernie figured out how to climb on top of the island!!! Who knew a bull dog could climb!!! He is so bad, we have to rig the chairs and bar stools just so he can’t climb on top of things!!! Especially the table, I know don’t you all want to come over for dinner now!!!

He is going to make a great Dad


I am so so so  sad! My friend Natalie’s little girl loves Mike. I am not sad because she loves him, I am sad because I think she loves him more than me!!! She calls me Mommy Megan, its the cutest thing ever! I adore her, she is funny, super smart, and one of the cutest kids I have ever seen. When we went over there today it was Mike follow me, Mike get me, then Mike read to me….


Look at my super manly husband reading the princess book while cuddled up in a pink furry blanket. He is going to be such a great Dad.

I love my job!!!


I work in a home decor boutique, which I love!!! My mom owns it, my sisters, my girlfriend, and I work there. Its so so so much fun! We just switched locations and we had a problem with a permit so we were closed for almost 2 months, I was dying!!! I am serious I was so bored!!! Well we finally opened yesterday after working 4 days almost strait to get ready for black Friday. Here are some pictures of our finished product, I think it turned our super nice!!!


The bed set up with the Bella Notte Bedding


A close up of the bed


A cute antique crib set up with Bella Notte Bedding


A table set up with a ton of stuff!!! Look at the clock wall in the back!



I am not used to struggling on my weight, but right now I am doing just that struggling. I have put on a lot of weight in the past two years. I think a lot of it has come from all the hormones from the fertility treatments. Then in April I had a horrid reaction to the fertility drugs and started retaining fluid. I went from weighing 125 too by the time I went to the hospital I weighed almost 160 pounds. It was awful!!! My Dr told me the weight would fall off easy, WRONG, I got down to 148 and then it just stopped. So I went in to crazy diet mode and lost 10 pounds, but then life got in the way and I quit dieting an exercising. I haven’t gained any weight but I haven’t lost anymore either. I really want to lose 20 pounds more, its my goal. My problem is I hate dieting, I really love food!!! I also hate exercising, in less  it doesn’t feel like exercise. So losing 20 pounds is going to take alot of work and devotion. The reason why I am writing this is because now it in writing I have to do it haha!!! I’ll keep you posted on my weight loss

Gilbert days


Our town has a parade, rodeo, and fair every year called Gilbert days. We got up really early today and went to the parade, we sat right in front of our new location for the store. I wanted to take alot of pictures but it was so early and there were a ton of little kids in front of me so I only got one….


Here is Tana, Tessa, and Elle

I am still super sick so after the Parade we went home and I took a 4 hour nap. Once I woke up we went for dinner and then we went to the Rodeo Dance. It was a good time, the band was great!!! We left early because I needed SLEEP!!! Hopefully I can shake this cold off soon, I didn’t even want to go out tonight but my parents wanted us to come. I was teasing them saying most parents tell there kids to go to bed early when they don’t feel good, my parents tell me to go out!!!


Me an Mike

I am so so sick


I have the worst cold! It came out of no where, when I woke up on Monday I felt horrid. I’ve done everything I could think of to get rid of this thing (except go to the Dr I hate the Dr). Today I feel worst then Monday and Tuesday put together. I am such a baby when it comes to being sick, I hate it! Its rough having a cold when it is still 90 degrees outside! I can’t believe how hot it is still, this Arizona heat is deadly!

Since I have been sick though I have had lots of time on my hands, I almost have all my paperwork complete!!! I am going to schedule my final home visit, my fingerprints, and my physical. Once I get that all done my home study will be complete. I have already started getting everything together for my dossier so hopefully I can get that done by the end of the year!!!