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Popular Names


Top 10 girls names of 2007 are:

1, Sophia

2, Isabella

3, Emma

4, Madison

5, Ava

6, Addison

7, Hailey

8, Emily

9, Kaitlyn

10, Olivia

I actually love most of these names especially Olivia, Addison, and Sophia. Of course because they are in the top 100 I don’t like them LOL. Sorry Sandy, Sophia is a no for sure now!!!

I still haven’t heard if our application got accepted, I don’t know why I am super nervous. Mike and I have been talking a lot about becoming parents, the adoption, and being parents to a girl. Mike is going to be the perfect dad to a little girl, she will have him wrapped around her finger. People have been asking me why we changed the sex of the baby when we switched from Vietnam to Ethiopian, we decided to adopt a little girl because for the last 6 months when we imagined our son he was from Vietnam. We know we will adopt our son from Vietnam so we decided this was a better time to adopt a little girl. I actually always wanted to adopt a little girl first because I am the oldest child, I have always been like a second mom to my siblings, I love that relationship. Hopefully I will get word on our application this week!!!




    Okay so I have thrown out Layla and Juno and added Alabama, Rylee, Chandalier (Chandy), and Sabra. Who would have thought there would be so many names I like. I still have at least 6 to 9 months to decide so hopefully I can. I really want to pick out a name for her and use her Ethiopian name as her middle name. Who knows maybe we will just end up using her Ethiopian name and I am stressing for no reason!!!

    We got our application sent out!!! Now we are waiting for approval… I hate waiting!!! We have signed up for our parenting classes, we are doing those on January 14th and 15th.



I made Mike take me to go see Juno today, he really wanted to see I am Legend, but since we always see his movies in the theater, he took me. I actually loved it, it was super funny, it reminded me of Napoleon Dynamite a bit. I think that the actress who played Juno was amazing!!! It really deserves a Oscar Nomination.

I also love the name Juno…. Its on my list of my top 5 names. I hate not knowing what we are going to name the baby, I just want to quit calling it the baby. So far my names are (in no particular order) Ruby, Layla, Juno, Charlee, Riyo. I want something funky and different, I hate common names. I think it has a lot to do with the fact our names our Megan and Mike very common names.



We got our application filled out it, we are sending it off first thing Wednesday morning. I don’t know why I was really nervous filling it out. I was so scared to write down the wrong thing, we had to fill out a issues to consider questioner and  up at the top is says “Note there are no wrong or right answers” that scared me.  Come on now, we all know that’s a lie, if I were to write the wrong thing I am sure they would send me back our application with DENIED written across the top in red.  Don’t worry I think we did good, we answered every question honestly and strait from the heart. The only thing wrong was in the space marked race, my dear husband put white. I had to explain to him that white was not a race, good thing I caught that, it would have really made my we don’t see color answer look like a lie!!!

I really think this is a good choice for us, we have both been really happy over the past couple of weeks. We have been doing alot of research on Ethiopia, we are excited to travel there and learn more about our daughters birth country first hand.  



I went over to my parents house tonight after work, I took the dogs over there to play. My dad was in the kitchen and all of the sudden he started laughing. He told us Ernie is the only dog he has ever seen eat a Pickle! My mom looks at him and says are you sure you should be doing that? I was trying to figure out what she was talking about I didn’t think pickles were bad for dogs.  She then said IF YOU EAT PICKLES BEFORE BED YOU WILL HAVE NIGHTMARES!!! I was laughing so hard I was on the floor seriously. She then told us how every time she eats pickles before bed she has nightmares. My mom is going to make a great grandma!!! She knows things I would have never thought of. 

That being said when I got home Mike had cut his finger really bad and it was bleeding like crazy. I don’t do blood so I called my mom to ask her about it, she said to bring him over. I took him over and my parents fixed him up!!! Dad poured bleach on mikes finger while mom poured him a shot for the pain!!! My parents are going to make great grandparents. Seriously my plan is to take the baby over there whenever she gets hurt that’s why we live less than a minute away.

We are moving along


I was so excited today when I got home I checked the mail and we got our packet of info from Children’s Hope International. I can’t wait for Mike to get home so we can fill out the paper work and get it in the mail! I’ve already called him several times to see where he is at. I am sure I am the most irritating person  in the world to him right now every thought in my brain is about adoption. LOL, I even woke him up from a dead sleep last night to ask him if he liked some baby name I found on-line, luckily for me I think he forgot about that!!! I am still super happy with our changes, I am excited but also impatient I am ready to be a mom!!!