Monthly Archives: January 2008

Ethiopian Food


   I am so excited we are going to go to a Ethiopian Restaurant for dinner tomorrow. I have never had Ethiopian food before so I think this will be a fun way of connecting with our future daughters birth country. My sisters are coming with us so I am sure it will be a good time. If anyone has any suggestions on what a newbie like me should order let me know.


Our I600A is in the mail


   I have today off work so I am working on some of our adoption paper work. I am sending our I600A form off!!! I have had it sitting on my kitchen table for a little over a week so today is the day. I am also going to send in our agency’s contract and and a check for the contract fee.  I also have to write a letter of introduction for our dossier this is quite tricky for me, I keep starting it and then erasing the whole thing. I am not a good writer (in case you can’t tell from my blog) I think my problem is I want to say too much. I want whoever reads it to realize how much I want to adopt from Ethiopia!!! Which is a lot if you haven’t gathered that fact yet.

    I haven’t been sleeping again, I can’t seem to turn my brain off long enough to fall asleep. Whenever I do fall asleep I wake up by the slightest things. I need sleep, I have a stupid cold that keeps coming back if I go too many days without sleep. So today I am not only tired but I feel awful too!!! Look at it this way at least I know I will be able to handle the lack of sleep a baby causes.

   It feels good to be getting some of our paperwork done!!! I realize I still have a lot more, but at least its moving along!!

I am not crazy I swear



So today when I got home from work I decided to read the post I wrote last night half asleep I realized in the picture you could see this bear!!! I promise I am not crazy we do not have stuff animals throughout our whole house. The other night I was cleaning and I went into the baby’s room and was looking at this tutu I bought which is so so so cute. I decided to put it on the bear, he was naked so I decided what the heck. Then in all my crazy madness I decided to put this tiara on him too. Notice I keep saying him that’s right the bear is a boy, Mike took me to build a bear on a date and I built this bear. Mike didn’t even laugh when I showed him, all he could say is you realize that’s a boy right!!! Whenever Mike goes out of town I sleep with the bear. OK so maybe I am a little crazy!!! I promise I am taking the bear out of the tutu tomorrow, its kinda creepy, I know.

busy sunday


   I haven’t been sleeping at all this week. So I decided to take some benydryl last night around 7, well around 12 I was still awake and couldn’t fall asleep. So I took 2 more, I still didn’t fall asleep until around 3. Mike decided to let me sleep in this morning since I was pretty much dead to the world. I woke up to an amazing breakfast Mike made me.

   We decided to go to the Arizona Science Center because we have never done that before. It was fun but it was geared more toward people with kids. So we probably won’t go back for at least another couple of years. Then we went out for dinner at some Mexican restaurant and walked around the mall for a little while. Then we went to the movies to see cloverfield, which we both really liked. On our way home we went to the evil W word to buy some necessities like shave cream an tooth paste. We ended up buying a buzzer to get rid of all Mike hair, it was super fun to cut off he has never had his hair buzzed before. We didn’t get ready for bed until after 12 so I am ready to go to sleep so here is a picture of my hubby with out all of his beautiful hair!!!


I heart Bleach


  Remember my post from Monday that said I was going to clean on Tuesday… Well, I lied!!! Here it is Thursday afternoon and I have still yet to clean. I have a good excuse my friend Natalie had a baby and Mike and I went to the hospital to visit them. Ill have to post some pictures.

   So any ways back to cleaning, my dogs rule the house!!! There is dog fur, slobber, and toys everywhere. We have to Mop at least 2 times a week. I use alot of all natural cleaning products, but I can’t live without bleach. I don’t use fabric softener but I don’t think twice about pouring bleach on all my whites!!! Its almost a obsession, I don’t think the house is clean unless it smells like bleach.

  I guess I better get to cleaning!!!



   I just started getting into football, which is kinda funny because Mike used to really be into football but after we got married he kinda lost interest because I didn’t like it. I am not sure what sparked this sudden interest, maybe its because the super bowl is here this year. Mike and I have been bonding over football its kinda cute. Yesterday we went to this sports bar kinda place to watch the game and eat and drink. It was fun!!! Even though I really wanted the Chargers to win and Mike wanted the Packers so both our teams lost.

   Mike and I have been spending a lot of time together. I think we are starting to realize we won’t have as much alone time after the baby comes. I have been really bummed about the adoption lately. It made me sad to find out its going to take 6 months to a year longer than I have planned, so I decided I would try to enjoy as much of this time as possible.  We are planning on taking a trip to Mexico for our 5 year Anniversary in March.

   Haha while I was writing this post Mike came home from work really late and brought flowers, wine, and Asparagus for me and dog treats for ernie and Fiona!!!


Aren’t they BEAUTIFUL??? Ignore the dirty coffee table tomorrow is cleaning day!!!

I wanna go to the happiest place on earth


   My sisters are leaving tomorrow to go to California for a field trip!!! They are going for their Broadcasting class. How come when I was in high school we never went on any fun trips like that? I am sure they are going to have a crazy fun time!!! I am so sad, they get to go to Disneyland, I want to go!!!  Instead I will be here, working for them (I am trying to guilt them in to a good present)!!! Its probably a good thing I am not going, I would probably see all the cute little kids and realize I have exactly 6 months from today before I can even hand my dossier in. Oh well, maybe I’ll get crazy and write my 4 to 10 page biography!!!

  Have Fun Girls!!! Remember don’t talk to strangers, boys are the devil, and stay together!!!