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   We decided very last minute to go to Colorado over the long weekend. We went with my family and our friend Sean. My dad, Mike, Sean, Tana, Tessa, and Bubba went snowboarding, while Mom and I went shopping in Downtown Durango. It was a blast!!! Our hotel was right along the river, it was beautiful we took a lot of pictures right outside our room. I must say even though I hate the cold, Colorado is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been!!!


We took a family picture right outside our hotel room, isn’t it beautiful I think the back ground looks fake!!!

Bubba, Mom, Dad, Tana, Me and Tessa


We were taking one of those silly family pictures. You know the ones where everyone is looking off to the side and you always wonder where they are looking at.


I am telling you it is so beautiful!!!


We hungout, walked around, and ate lunch before we headed home. We had a great weekend it was hard to come home.


I love that man


   Baby I love you so much it hurts sometimes, you amaze me everyday! And I love you more everyday,When I think I cant posiblely love you any more then I do now you do something or say something that makes me love you even more!!!!!! I am not me without you, Thank you for being who you are. I cant wait till we have that family that we have been dreaming about for the past 5 years!!!! You are going to make the best mom ever, and I cant wait to make you one!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                                                                                                        LOVE ALWAYS AND FOREVER
                                                                                                                    YOUR HUSBAND

I woke up last week to this wonderful email, I have such a wonderful husband he never lets me forget he loves me!!!

Perfect day


   Have you ever had one of those days that was so perfect it made you wonder if you were dreaming. Today was my perfect day trust me I needed it!!! We have been stressing about how we were going to fiance our adoption and today we got the best news it was truly a answer to our prayers. We sold our front yard to the city so they could expand the road. We were really hoping to use the money to fiance our adoption but our mortgage company wanted the check. So Mike called today to make sure they got the check and they informed him that we will not owe a payment for over a year!!! So we can now save up enough to pay for the adoption and to pay off any debit we have and build up our saving since we have depleted it during our whole quest for parenthood. Mike called me at work to let me know and I was so excited. That isn’t even the best part I then came home to work to a clean house!!! My mom and Tessa snuck in and cleaned my house I mean CLEANED imagine a house without two bulldogs living there. They even stole the dogs so Uncle Bubba could give them a bath!!! They wanted to surprise me and it was !!! What a great gift. I am telling you it was Amazing!!!


They might be the world stinkiest dogs but they are also the cutest!!!



   Mike bought me a new phone a couple of months ago and I love my new phone. I would tell anyone who would listen how much I love my phone. Well about a month ago I dropped it really hard and it wouldn’t ring anymore, everything else would work fine it just didn’t ring. So after I missed a million calls I realized it would at least jiggle (that’s what my mom calls vibrate) so I missed only a hundred calls after that. Everyone I know gave me a hard time about it they told me I should get a new phone but I loved my phone, plus I bought like $40 worth of games for it. Well yesterday I dropped my phone again and now it works just fine. I am glad I was being cheap because I saved a lot of money in the end and I got to keep the phone I loved.

We had fun


   We went out to Ethiopian food and we had a ton of fun!!! The food was super good especially the lamb and the cabbage, those were everyones favorites. We got what was called the family platters so it was a combination of quite a few things. The only bad thing was the service nobody wanted to help us which kinda sucked. Here are some pictures


This is us girls getting ready to leave. I love having sisters!!!