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   I have to go down to the social security office to change my name today. I don’t want to go!!! I hate waiting, I hate places like that, its uncomfortable, too many people, weird smells… You know what I am saying. I have to go today because we have our appointment tomorrow at the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) So my goal was to have it changed by then. So that’s what I will be doing all day long. Well at least that’s how if feels!!! I really wanted Mike to come with me so I wouldn’t be alone but he had to work in Tucson, he has been down there all week. I went and stayed with him on Monday night, which was a lot of fun. Then he stayed down there all alone on Tuesday which was awful. It was the first time in our whole marriage I have ever stayed alone, usually when he leaves somewhere I make someone stay with me. Last night he said he was coming home no matter what and he did, he didn’t get here until late and he had to leave early but he said it was worth it. He missed being home you could tell poor guy. He said he doesn’t know how some guys work out of town all the time he couldn’t do it.


We are back!!!


  We got back Sunday but our computer was down so I couldnt’ post. Sorry so much for posting everyday this week!!! Isn’t that how life is you make a plan then life comes at you in a totally different way.

   We had so much fun in Vegas!!! We went there for this wine thing it was like 10 wines for $10. It was a wine tasting of different champagnes, whites and reds!!! I love wine, I love tasting wine, so I had a ton of fun just doing this!!!  Unfortunately after all the wine drinking I was done for the day. Everyone wanted to go out but I wanted to sleep, so I went to bed Early while everyone else went out. I say early but it was like one in the morning. The next day we went to the pool at Mandalay Bay, which I think is the best pool in vegas!!! A friend of a friend got us in because they were staying there, I kept waiting for the guards to tell us we couldn’t come in but they just laughed that we were all together. That night we went out to dinner and out dancing it was a good time!!! We had a ton of fun but I tell you what there is nothing relaxing about Vegas I feel like we were always on the go!!! I need a vacation after my vacation!!!


This is a picture of me and Harrison, he is dating one of my closest girl friends Ashley. Mike and I love hanging out with Harrison, we both get along with him great. I think Ashley has found a true gem with Harrison. Harrison lives in Vegas, so he was kind enough to let us stay with him and show us around.

Viva Las Vegas


     We are heading to Vegas tonight!!! I am so excited, I couldn’t sleep!!! I love Vegas!!! We usually go for the Furniture Market, which is fun but it is still work. I am excited to go just for FUN!!! Mike and I are going with a group of our friends so that will make it that much more fun. I promise to take a ton of pictures, I have been yelled out recently for not posting enough pictures. Its my goal to post a picture every day next week!!!

Earth Momma


I found this defination of a Earth Momma in the urban dictionary

A mother committed to long-term breastfeeding, co-sleeping, and carrying her babe in a sling. A proponent of Attachment-style Parenting. Other interests include green issues and feminism. Most commonly seen with long flowing hair, bare-feet, and baby suckling on her exposed breast. Yay!

Its my goal to be a Earth Momma!!! (Minus the whole long flowing hair) I have been doing alot of research on baby products and it is my goal to be as GREEN as possible. I found this great store called The Little Seed, one of the owners is Soleil Moon Frye you know Punky Brewster. It has amazing things from green to grow bottles to organic toys. The website is check it out!!!

On the adoption front we finally got our birth certificates it only took like 2 months, it took forever just when I pretty much gave up they came it. I really need to change my name and order our passports this week.

Happy Anniversary!!!


Saturday was our 5 year wedding anniversary!!! I had this whole special post I was going to do but we are super sick. We both have terrible colds we are completly miserable!!! I guess we did promise to love each other in sickness and health LOL.