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Rain Rain Go Away!!!


Rain Rain Go Away!!! Come again another day!!!

   So tonight is my sister Tana’s Graduation and it is raining right now. So I called Tana to see what the game plan is if it rains, it turns out if it does rain we won’t be able to see her get her diploma. So I am doing my please stop raining dance. Tana has been excited for this day since she was like 4, I am not joking school is her life!!! She is a nerd who happens to be beautiful and some what cool!!! I want it to be absolutely perfect for her, so I can’t let it rain on her parade!!!

See isn’t she beautiful!!! Tana we are so excited for you!!! I hope my rain dance works because I know how much it means to you to have us share in this MAJOR day!!!


shining star


   “You are the poem I dreamed of writing, the masterpiece I longed to paint. You are the shining star I reached for in my ever hopeful quest of life fufilled. You are my child. Now with all things I am blessed.”

I was shopping a couple of months ago and I came across this frame, my eyes got all watery when I read it. I had to buy it. So now it hangs in my hallway, I walk past it 20 times a day. I still love it, I just can’t wait until I can take the picture of the ugly baby that came with the frame out of it and put a picture of my daughter in it. I am ready to catch my shining star, I am tired of reaching out for nothing. I love how it say’s “now with all things I am blessed” I really have alot of other blessings in my life, I just don’t have the one thing I want the most.


another step ahead


     So we have all of our home study paperwork done, I am sending it off tomorrow. Now we have to set up our two visits for the home study and we will be done with that part. I’ve already started working on our dossier paper work!!! Unfortunately I have already had some mishaps. Mike sent his wrong birth certificate to Colorado to get sealed so we had to resend the right one. That wasn’t that bad though it only cost us $2.00. Our Dr’s letter had glue from the envelope stuck on it so when we took it out of the envelope it ripped so now we have to get another letter wrote and notarized. Hopefully they won’t mind!!! I am excited to be moving along!!! I can’t wait to get our dossier sent in so we can be put on the waiting list. I hope I can relax once that happens right now I am so stressed out!!!



      I worked all day Tuesday, right after I opened I had a African American Man come into the store. I work in a home decor boutique so I have very few men who come in the store. He was extremely nice, he walked around looking at everything, told me how beautiful the store was, as he left he told me to have a nice day. He was nicer then 99.9% of the people who come in, his manners really stood out to me. Can you tell I have been having a problem with rude people coming in??? I saw him walk down the street toward the other stores, about a hour later I saw him again walking toward the parking lot. About a half hour after that I had a police officer come in and ask me if I had a Black Gentleman in the store earlier? I said yes and he asked me what he said to me, I told him how nice he was, the cop said ok and turned around to walk out the door, as he was walking out I asked him should I be concerned if the man comes back in (even though I already knew the answer) He said something like you should always be concerned when someone is hanging around. I have so many issues with this situation the main being we have people do exactly what he did every day. That’s the best part about downtown is there is many places to walk too. I am sure someone called the cops  not only because of the color of his skin but also because of the way he was dressed. I was glad that he was gone before the cops came because I would hate for him to know someone called the cops on him, I would hate for him to think it could have been me.

    Did anyone else see the Oprah episode What would you do? It was totally amazing to see peoples reactions, the one that stuck in my mind was a deli worker who was discriminating against a women because she was Muslim… I recommend you watch the show, it really makes you think about what would you do in those situations.