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    I have been really down lately. I know I need to realize it will all come together but we have been at this for almost a year and I want a baby!!! I realize we have had our problems first we switched from Vietnam to Ethiopia, then we had to wait until I was 25 before we could even send our dossier in. So now as I wait for our I-171H to come I keep getting more and more anxious! I still have another 6-12 month wait how will I make it?




   My baby sister Tessa has to be the most excited over our adoption. She talks about it all the time, no joke this kid tells everyone her hair lady, women who shop in our store, she tells random people she just meets out and about. Africa has been on her mind a lot lately especially Ethiopia.

   Tessa really wants to travel with us when we go to Ethiopia, Mike and I told her she could if she paid her own way. Tessa just opened up her first bank account with over $500 she is saving for our trip, I am amazed I could never save money when I was 17.

   I bough Tessa a Amharic phrasebook last week,  she came over the yesterday and she already know how to say like 5 or 6 phrases. I asked her how she knew she was saying the words properly and she informed me she found a website so she can hear exactly how they pronouce them. She is Amazing!!!

Tessa also wants to do some sort of a donation drive at her school for the orphanges in Ethiopia. She asked me one day what size of clothes the kids in the orphanges wear, I told her the kids vary from birth to 18 years old… Tessa’s eyes started to water she didn’t realize there were kids that old who lived in orphanges. 

  She has already informed me that she plans to adopt after she gets married, she truly has the biggest heart out of everyone I know.  Our baby will be so blessed to have her as a aunt!!!

Another great thing about Tessa is today she got her drivers licence!!!! Congrats cheech!!!!

Baby your baby


   Last week Mike and I had to take a baby care class, our agency requires it for first time parents. We had to take the class through the local hospital so of course we were the only non pregnant couple. When we walked in we had to grab a doll, blanket, bottle, and diaper. We got there kind of late so we got the ugliest doll, our baby had a swished face it was so funny! The class was a little ridiculous but I had fun watching mike feed, swaddle, and change a doll!!! It was cute!!!

We only have one more piece of paper work to do and then we will have our dossier all ready hopefully our I-171H comes in next week!!!

I am dog sitting


Meet Lola

She is a 4 month old English Bulldog. She is very sensitive, I have never met a timid bulldog before.

Meet Paco

He is 3 years old. He is super cuddly!!!

We are majorly out numbered its been quite the weekend!

Court Certified!!!


   I just received a email saying we are court certified!!! Our home study is now being sent to CIS for our I-171H it should take 4-8 weeks to receive that. I of course am hoping for 4 weeks! A girl can dream right!!!

  I am so excited! We are one more step closer!!!