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Do you ever have one of those days where everything that happens is so awful you feel like you must be on a episode of Punk’d??? Today was my day! I was already having a bad day when Mike called me to inform me that the lady from CIS called to tell him that unfortunately the mail room had held on to our papers because there wasn’t a check in there! She asked him if he had sent a copy of the original check (which we did it took hours to get) she then informed him that she still had yet to receive our papers so she wouldn’t be able to get to them until Tuesday since she was out of the office on Friday and Monday is a holiday. Why Me??? I am trying so hard to be positive but I am so so so upset! So of course I instantly started crying and it wasn’t a pretty cry either. Thankfully I have these

Yes I am so crazy I bought a pair of sunglasses because they have a bulldog on them! It was my one and only splurge of the summer and today it came in handy! Hopefully I get my I-171 on Wednesday!!!




We are going to go to Rocky Point in October. When we went last year My mom and I decided to see who could lose the most weight, we both lost 10 pounds we tied. This year we decided to do it again and a couple more people decided to join in so for the next 6 and a half weeks I will be working out and dieting. 

I resent all of our paperwork in so hopefully our I-171 will arrive any day! It was so difficult to deal with the bank to get a copy of our money order we sent and when it was cashed it took 2 days.

I got my Vans on…


A totally normal conversation between me and Tana…

Me- Tana I have to go to the Van store to get a gift certificate do you want to go?

T- Yeah, my friend works there and they are having a party tomorrow.  They are going to have a graffiti artist who will decorate the shoes people buy.

M- Really I wonder if he does princesses?

T- What? Oh that sounds so hardcore, I am sure he graffiti’s princesses all the time!

M- What? Princesses could be hardcore, your don’t even know!

T- Oh yeah I am sure…

The next morning I call her

M- I am ready to go. Come pick me up, Mike took my car so I can’t drive.

T- I don’t have a car right now either…

M- Umm maybe dad will take us and drop us off?

T- Yeah lets take it back to junior high days!

I guess Tana was too embarrassed to have dad drop us off at the mall because she found a car to drive us in. We went to the party and got 30% off coupons, so of course I had to get something for the baby! And no I didn’t ask the artist if he could do princesses I got these instead!

They are so cute!!!



Well I finally heard back from CIS and our paper work is lost… They can’t find it! So I am going to have to resubmit the paperwork and wait some more for my I-171H. This sucks why does everything always have to go wrong.

I am done


  I am done being depressed I can’t control our Adoption and I think that is the part that bugs me the most. I have no control over when our I-171H comes, I have no control over when we get our referral, and I can’t control over when we get to travel to pick our baby up. Sometimes I let that get to me. I do realize there is a baby at the end of this, our baby. I know once she is in our arms the painfully 5 years it took to become parents will all be forgotten.

Thanks for all the kind words and suggestions… I needed that!

Did anyone watch Oprah last Thursday? I hardly ever watch O but I am glad I did they had families on the show that had adopted from Liberia. It all started with one family who chose to adopt 2 choir boys from an orphanage, then one by one people around them started to adopt. It was an amazing story. You should try to watch it. I hope some day some one will be inspired by our journey to adopt. My sister Tana always tells me imitation is the best flattery, I think she only says that though because I hate when she buys the same clothes as me.

Mike told me he had a feeling this was going to be a good week! Hopefully that means our I-171H is on its way to us!!!