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What up homie


what up

Fox hangin with Ping!!!


Happy Tears


Every once in a while I will become so overwhelmed I will start to cry. I become so overwhelmed with love I can’t control myself. I can’t belive this little guy is mine! I can’t belive after 5 years of trying to become a mother I am finally one!  He is so perfect

mommy and fox

We are still having some difficulty with breastfeeding but I am a pumping queen. I can’t give up no matter how much I want too I can’t. I wanted to breastfeed so badly… I even plan on trying to breastfeed my adoptive babies. Hopefully he gets the hang of it if not I will continue to pump.

I am so fortunate I get to be a stay at home mom… I couldn’t imagine how difficult it would be to leave this little guy every day. I feel bad when ever he starts to do something new and Mike misses it, I must send him a thousand pictures and videos every day. I love and hate that he has to work so hard so I can stay home with Fox.

fox and daddy

I know Mike can’t wait to get home everyday to see this little guy!!!