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Day 11 Wheres Fox



Day 6


I used to think I had the worlds most spoiled dogs… Until I dog sat for my mom. This is Bella she is a beagle but I am pretty sure she thinks she is human. She will not sleep on the floor with the other dogs she HAS to sleep in the bed or on the couch. She also likes to lay on the pillow and under the blankets if its cold out. She is such a crack up!

Day 5


Fox got this paci at his baby shower he would not ever keep it in his mouth to take a picture because he LOVED the one they gave him in the NICU. Well about a month ago Fox decided he was done with his paci obsession and now he loves this one not to suck on but to play with. I love the paci because he is my little prince

Day 4 cheese


I can’t belive my baby has teeth… he is still so little 🙂 I think they are the cutest thing ever though except when he bites me I can’t belive teeth that little can hurt so bad. Teething has been awful on all of us even the dogs don’t like when Fox wakes up crying poor guy

Day 3


I am going to attempt to post a picture everyday I am already getting a late start. I did pick the best picture though its Fox kissing my sister Tessa

Awww doesn’t that melt your heart 🙂