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He is walking


Fox started walking on the 17th!!!!  He would take a few steps here and there but on Tuesday he woke up from his nap and just took off. It was amazing and I got it on video what are the chances of that. He is almost 15 months so I was starting to worry like this would never happen but once he started I couldn’t help but cry first it was a happy cry and then it was Oh no my baby is growing up toooooooo fast cry. I can’t belive how big he is everyone said it would fly by but I guess I didn’t realize how quickly it would 😦 I am excited to watch him grow but I also sad that he is no longer a little baby.


Day 5


Fox got this paci at his baby shower he would not ever keep it in his mouth to take a picture because he LOVED the one they gave him in the NICU. Well about a month ago Fox decided he was done with his paci obsession and now he loves this one not to suck on but to play with. I love the paci because he is my little prince

Day 4 cheese


I can’t belive my baby has teeth… he is still so little 🙂 I think they are the cutest thing ever though except when he bites me I can’t belive teeth that little can hurt so bad. Teething has been awful on all of us even the dogs don’t like when Fox wakes up crying poor guy

Day 3


I am going to attempt to post a picture everyday I am already getting a late start. I did pick the best picture though its Fox kissing my sister Tessa

Awww doesn’t that melt your heart 🙂