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I suck at being a mom blogger


Here is Picture from Fox’s first year hopefully I will blog his second year of life better 🙂


Thank you


So I have been trying to get our dossier paperwork done and I got a little overwhelmed. I actually freaked out!  So I asked Mike to help me, well I actually wrote a list of things I needed help with. Well the list sat on the table for over a week before I explained to Mike if he isn’t going to help me do any of the paper work then I am going to name the baby whatever I want. Well My wonderful husband got the whole list done in one day! I guess the threat of me naming the baby Lulu, Lucy, Lola, or Carly got to him. Those are just a few of the names I love that Mike hates.

Thank you my wonderful husband for helping me!!! I love you an I promise I will let you help me pick a name out!

I love you!

I love that man


   Baby I love you so much it hurts sometimes, you amaze me everyday! And I love you more everyday,When I think I cant posiblely love you any more then I do now you do something or say something that makes me love you even more!!!!!! I am not me without you, Thank you for being who you are. I cant wait till we have that family that we have been dreaming about for the past 5 years!!!! You are going to make the best mom ever, and I cant wait to make you one!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                                                                                                        LOVE ALWAYS AND FOREVER
                                                                                                                    YOUR HUSBAND

I woke up last week to this wonderful email, I have such a wonderful husband he never lets me forget he loves me!!!

busy sunday


   I haven’t been sleeping at all this week. So I decided to take some benydryl last night around 7, well around 12 I was still awake and couldn’t fall asleep. So I took 2 more, I still didn’t fall asleep until around 3. Mike decided to let me sleep in this morning since I was pretty much dead to the world. I woke up to an amazing breakfast Mike made me.

   We decided to go to the Arizona Science Center because we have never done that before. It was fun but it was geared more toward people with kids. So we probably won’t go back for at least another couple of years. Then we went out for dinner at some Mexican restaurant and walked around the mall for a little while. Then we went to the movies to see cloverfield, which we both really liked. On our way home we went to the evil W word to buy some necessities like shave cream an tooth paste. We ended up buying a buzzer to get rid of all Mike hair, it was super fun to cut off he has never had his hair buzzed before. We didn’t get ready for bed until after 12 so I am ready to go to sleep so here is a picture of my hubby with out all of his beautiful hair!!!


5 years ago…


5 years ago today I went on my first date with Mike, we went to a hockey game and had a blast. Its amazing to think now we are married, we have a house, 2 dogs, a goat, and we are expecting our first child this year. Its going to sound cheesy but it was that first night I realized I could spend the rest of my life with Mike. He is so perfect for me, its shocking. I surprised him today with hockey tickets its for the Coyote and Blues game. Which is the same game we went to that night, he being from Missouri rooted for the Blues and I rooted for the Coyotes. He loved the tickets, I think he liked it more than any other gift I have ever given him!!! 5 years is exciting!!!

How we met


When I was 19 I had this friend an she kept saying you have to meet this guy, he is PERFECT for you, he is your TYPE (I didn’t even know I had a type), you will love him. Well I didn’t want a boyfriend, I didn’t want to even meet this guy…. So after like 2 months of trying to get me to meet him she told me well if your not going to even meet him I am going to start talking to him an see where it goes. So she did just that an the night I meet him he came out to be with with her, well she was right he was perfect for me, he was just my type an within a week after meeting him I did love him. I am no longer friends with the girl but I married mike only 3 months after we met. He is still perfect for me, he is just my type, an I love him more an more everyday!!!!