Day 5


Fox got this paci at his baby shower he would not ever keep it in his mouth to take a picture because he LOVED the one they gave him in the NICU. Well about a month ago Fox decided he was done with his paci obsession and now he loves this one not to suck on but to play with. I love the paci because he is my little prince


Day 4 cheese


I can’t belive my baby has teeth… he is still so little 🙂 I think they are the cutest thing ever though except when he bites me I can’t belive teeth that little can hurt so bad. Teething has been awful on all of us even the dogs don’t like when Fox wakes up crying poor guy

Day 3


I am going to attempt to post a picture everyday I am already getting a late start. I did pick the best picture though its Fox kissing my sister Tessa

Awww doesn’t that melt your heart 🙂

Breast is Best


Okay so I am so amazed how people judge you when they see you give your baby a bottle. I seriously have had people I don’t even know comment on how I am not breastfeeding. I seriously have been so taken back I don’t know what to say. Sometimes I want to stick up for my self and explain how I give him breast milk I have pumped other times I feel embarrassed to have to explain how I mainly pump. When people ask me if I breastfeed I don’t know what to say.

 The worst thing someone told me was I have it easy pumping…. What in the world nothing is easy about pumping!!! I started out pumping 20 mins ever 2 hours for the first 4 weeks then I switched to every 3 hours for the next 8 weeks then I switched to every four hours and I only pump for 10 mins and I sleep as longs as I can at night. I have to pump, clean the bottles, make the baby a bottle and then feed him I spend HOURS a day just trying to feed my son. 

Breast feeding was something I really wanted to do but its hard for something so natural its so difficult.  Having Fox in the NICU for 3 weeks didn’t help much. I was fortunate because I had some great nurses who were very pro momma’s milk even if we had to feed it through a tube.

My family and my husband have been so supportive and helpful. Now pumping isn’t as difficult as I felt it was months ago.

Fox hospital 2

My little man with his feeding tube of boob juice. I was so happy when he started drinking out of the bottle it made the sting from him not being strong enough to breastfeed hurt a little less

I Love the Bumbo Chair


fox bumbo

I love Fox’s Bumbo Chair I think he looks like a cute little old man when he sits in it!!! I started to feed him in his chair and he eats better than when I have him in the high chair, I think the high chair is a bit over whelming. My sister Tessa says she wished they made Bumbo’s in adult sizes LOL

bully fox

Fox Loves his chair too incase you can’t tell 🙂

The past 3 months


I know I am an awful blogger!!! My baby just turned 5 months old, time is flying by I can’t belive it! He is eating solids now (at times it’s a work in progress he doesn’t really know what to think of it), He can roll from his back to his belly, he can hold his head up while on his belly, he is sleeping through the night, he is breastfed about 1/4 to 1/2 of his feedings. He loves toys right now his favorites are his cowboy that I usually have attached to his car seat, his bumbo chair, his boppy bouncer, and this huge stuffed Dr Seuss. He has such a fun personality I LOVE to hear him laugh it seriously is one of the cutest things ever!!! He weighed 12.6 ounces at his last appointment so he is slowly growing I love the fact he is starting to get a little chubby 🙂 Here are some pics of the last 3 months enjoy

Fox 3 months

foxy 1

Fox tummy 2

ernie and fox